‘Monsters’ by Craig Smith

Craig Smith put out another edit entitled 'Monsters' featuring Matthias Ogger, Cameron Wesson, Tien Nguyen, Jarrod Thackerey, Hayden Golder, Rian Arnold, and Gav Drumm. Filmed by Craig Smith and Jon Jenkins. Enjoy!

VCClothing Best trick contest

Last saturday (August 20th) the 2011 QLD titles went down at Pizzy skate park Miami located at the gold coast in Australia. VCC hosted the Best trick contest and brought their fancy skateable van. People just went nuts on the different obstacles and threw down hard. In the end Kieran Deans took the win, but Hayden Golder and Danny Jensen also came up with some crazy stunts. Sit back, crack a beer and watch the mayhem unfold.

Competition Report: Australian Rollerblading Open 2012

Back in December, our Aussie correspondents Rob Ham and Simon Kelly hosted the national Australian Rollerblading Open in Canberra. While the northern hemisphere was freezing in the middle of winter, our southern counterparts were melting in the heat with record high temperatures paired with some super technical and intense skating. Check out what went down.

Competition Report: Victorian Titles 2012

It was awesome to see so much interest in this year's Victorian Titles among what is a swelling scene in Oz, with people from every single state both in attendance as well as registered competitors, and have everyone catch up with one another over the weekend and meet and roll with fresh and familiar faces from all over the country.

Contest Report: 2011 Victorian Inline Skating Titles in Melbourne, Australia

There are two park contests in the Australian rolling scene that have been happening every year for a long time, "The Aussie's" and "The Vics", The Australian Titles being the higher-profile national event that tends to showcase the finest in the country, and the Victorian Titles that hosts the best skating the state of Victoria has to offer, plus whoever else from around the country turns up, and this year was quite an interstate turnout. This tends to be the case these days when it comes to events put on by RollVic, a group of skaters who basically want to see events like these as an opportunity for the sport to grow, for skaters to come together, and for amazing skating to take place. This year's Vic Titles fulfilled exactly those goals, with four of the top five in the Open finals coming other capitol cities.

Australian Rolling Open Report with exclusive Be-Mag Edit

This years ARO was one for the locals. CJ Wellsmore, whose exceptional park skating skills are a product of growing up in the Canberra scene, took first place from his close friend Rhys Bell while Danny Jensen came a close third in the countries premiere Rolling Event. Check out this report and an exclusive Be-Mag edit from Dom West!

ARO 2011 Live updates #2

It's taken some time but it's worth it. Well, maybe not because of some technical hassles and wireless broadband not being great in the bush Capital. Some pics and clips from through the heats. Headcam thanks to Gav Drumm and Liquid Image.

Seven Rats trailer

Melbourne's number one videographer Craig Smith comes up with a brand new release entitled Seven Rats. This DVD features the talent of well-known skaters like Andy Plumridge, Matthias Ogger, Robbie Pitts, Isaac Callen, Josh Nielsen and Danny Jensen. The cast is quite impressive and the trailer promises nothing but top-notch rolling entertainment.

Goulburn Fruit Jam Contest Report

The Goulburn Fruit Jam, held in outback Australia for the second time running, never ceases to surprise me. We pick quite a good skatepark, in the middle of nowhere, and a whole bunch of rollerbladers turn up from all over Australia. This is the type of dedication we see in rollerbladers all over the world, we'll mission anywhere to just make it to a comp and catch up with our mates. This year was no different, with even more rollers coming from even further corners of Australia than last year.

“Back from the Dead Tour” through Australia

»The "Back From The Dead Tour" consisted of 20 rollers in 3 vehicles going from the "Victorian Titles" in Melbourne on October 23rd, up to the 8th installment of the annual "Right 2 Roll" street contest in Brisbane 7 days later on the 30th, some 2000km/1300miles north.«