Howie Bennett: Build It, Blade It!

Earlier this summer Mykel and I went on a trip to northern Arizona for some work. A couple weeks of work, good friends, good skateparks, hill bombs, camping, swimming, drinking, wheelin', trash fires and chasing lizards. It was a great time and we were ready to get the hell out of the desert.

Howie Bennett – Razors Flow from Denver, Colorado

A recent Denver transplant, Howie has only been in town for about 6 months. In that short amount of time, he's managed to get in with the best dudes in the city and start his rise to blade fame and fortune. 21 years old and looking for trouble. This is just the beginning for Howie, keep and eye out for more quality blading from this guy very soon.

Sumpire’s ‘EL_CHVPO’ available as Digital Release

Ian Walker's first full length skate video is now available on the Scumpire website. 'EL_CHVPO' features the skating of Geoff Phillip, Greg Schlosser, Cody Lampman, Jeremy Spira, Ian Walker, and Howie Bennett, shot on location in Denver, Colorado.

Be-mag & Razors: Win a copy of “Children of the Future”

Razors has been kind enough to hook Be-mag up with some fresh copies of their latest DVD called "Children of the Future". It was filmed and edited by Erick Rodriguez and features breakout sections from Alex Burston, Howie Bennett, Josh Glowicki and their latest addition to the pro team, Korey Waikiki. The video also spotlights seasoned veteran bladers like Iain McLeod, Jeph Howard, Dre Powell, team manager Brian Aragon and many more. Want to get a copy for yourself? How does free sound?

Cody Lampman 2012 Edit by Mykel Fatali

Cody Lampman is a baller pimp. His 2012 profile was filmed by Mykel Fatali, Geoff Phillip, Jeremy Spira, Justin Barr, Greg Freeman, Greg Schlosser, Chris Bazan, Howie Bennett, and Will Boulder. More from Cody on Be-Mag... soon.

HotWetTrash by Scumpire

Some creative stuff going on over at Scumpire. A very cool video just released which you must see. This video is filled with crazy skating by Kevin Carey, Zackary Gutweiller, Ian Walker, Howie Bennett, Jeremy Spira, and Joshua Larkin. Hit play, sit back, and enjoy this sweet sunday treat.