San Francisco Visitor’s Guide by Brian Krans

San Francisco is a visiting skater’s paradise. Besides the spot list that can go on forever provided you have adequate imagination and the ability to bomb 45-degree hills, the night scene is enough to bring your internal bruising up to par with your skating wounds.

Julian Bah: Checkmate Profile

This is Julian Bah's banger section for the B.Unique film "Checkmate". Chris Brown did a really nice job editing this profile, so don't wait any longer and hit play!.

Lyle Shivak: One Minute One Spot

I don't know about the rest of the world but in the US Lyle Shivak is a very respected OG skater. He has paid his dues and contributed many of his own innovations to our sport. For some reason in his +10 years of shooting sections in some of the top videos of the decade he has never been a main stream pro. He laced the first 360° Fish ever in a video in the 2001 Daily Bread video "Under The Influence", And pioneered many more of the now termed "Spin to Win" tricks.

Dark Parks

Master of Lighted Ceremonies: Kareem Shehab. skaters in order of appearance: Brian Long, Gavin Fitch, Carter LeBlanc, Sam Asken, Ace Kieffer, Jon...

In the Know: Create Originals’ Custom Ride System Frame

As many of you know we (Create Originals) have designed a new patent pending frame. We see it as not just a suspension frame but as a system of hundreds of configurations from rigid set-ups to suspension and everything in between. We call it the CRS frame or Custom Ride System frame. As a result of the many options you may have questions to the many aspects of the frame. For this In the Know we invite you to ask any an all questions about the frame system itself, what has led us to this point or why Kickstarter. Perhaps, you even have questions about Kickstarter and their policies that we can clear up for you.