Kalktik Halloween Tour 2009

Simply the plan was to get a few of us Irish rollerbladers to do a small trip around the East and South of Ireland. With myself driving, along with Albert, Paraic and Donal. I hoped where would be at least 20 of us if not more! Joey Egan flew over from Germany on the Wednesday evening ...

Faces of X-Mas Jam 2010 by Stefanie Barthelmess

Photographer Stephanie Barthelmess set up a little photo booth at the X-Mas Jam in Hamburg, Germany last year. These photos are further effort of ours to make it easier for you to decide wether or not you should be attending this year's event which is going to take place this weekend. As if it even needed consideration... there is absolutely no reason not to go. Enjoy the photos!

Rollerblade Europe Tour – Photo Update #4 by Sven Boekhorst

After the price giving at the Fise we left straight to Italy for the RB 2012 Collection presentation. In total it was a 950 km drive which took us 8 hours. I started driving the first 2 hours but soon I felt my eyes getting heavy. So Rob took over and drove almost straight to Italy, thanks to the Red Bull he took 2 hours before arriving.

East Side Jam 2011 Report + Official Edit

Lublin is a moderate-sized city in eastern Poland, a place you probably never heard of. But last week something notable happened. Yet another great get-together for Polish rollerbladers, the fourth edition of our annual competition called East Side Jam.

In Depth Review on “Abstract Art 2” by Quinn Feldman

The man in charge of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM, Quinn Feldman, just sent in this contribution. He called it "in depth review" and that isn’t understated at all. Be warned, you’ll probably bust out the credit card about halfway through and place your order of "Abstract Art 2" at your favorite shop right away.

Kaltik Flat Frames Test by Jeremy Townsend

For the last few months now I’ve been pleasuring myself – or should I say Kaltik’s new flat frame has been pleasuring me? Either way it doesn’t quite sound right! The truth is I’ve been skating this revolutionary frame and they’re surprisingly amazing! Amazing I tell you!

Company Profile: Kaltik Hardware

Kaltik has been going strong for many years now with the UK and Ireland being its main markets. As of recent, Kaltik created a lot of buzz within the community by releasing their latest product the "Stealth Flat Frames", a frame with an uniquely shaped h-block to allow for a new experience in flat skating. Be-Mag sat down with company owner Conor Manweiler to discuss his approach with Kaltik, his views on the industry, product developement as well as Kaltiks new flat frames that have just hit the shops.