Jeremy Townsend testing the new Blank Liners

Jeremy Townsend recently asked us if we were interested in hearing his opinion on the new Blank liners he just started using. Knowing how fussy Jeremy is about gear we said "Yes." Couple weeks later he hits us back up after he's completed the testing and here's what he came up with. If you're dead set on your pair of "XY brand" liners this might change after you've watched the edit.

Kaltik Flat Frames Test by Jeremy Townsend

For the last few months now I’ve been pleasuring myself – or should I say Kaltik’s new flat frame has been pleasuring me? Either way it doesn’t quite sound right! The truth is I’ve been skating this revolutionary frame and they’re surprisingly amazing! Amazing I tell you!

Check in with Pat Leal

Anthony Medina caught up with Austin's finest Pat Leal to talk about the past and the future. Pat has some interesting statement and of course an ass kicking edit to come up with. Continue reading.