Dustin Werbeski testing the new JC Rowe Xsjado Skate

I just received the newly released Xsjado JC Rowe 1.0's, and spent my last 2 days in Barcelona skating to test their performance. I could tell you what I think of them… But I’ll let you decide how well they work and look, by watching this quick edit of the short, yet enjoyable time I spent in them. -Dustin Werbeski

VG22 – JC Rowe

JC Rowe in his section from VG22 Coast to Coast. Smooth and natural is the way he blades. Simply beautiful.

JC Rowe In Europe Picture set : Part 1

Xsjado's manager JC Rowe was in Europe 2 weeks ago to visit Powerslide Headquarters and the High In The Park Contest in Switzerland. It would probably take him ages to recite his Dutch/German/Swiss experience, so instead, here are the pictures from his trip! -Nicolas Schopfer

Ben Schwab Xsjado 2013 Edit

The Conference just put out this new edit of Ben Xsjwab! Typical skating from the Xsjado pro, thought out and difficult maneuvers on exclusive spots! Edited by Brandon Negrete, filmed by Lonnie Gallegos, Ross Kuhn, JC Rowe, and the Portland Homies.

The Xsjado Video Leftovers

Leftovers from the Xsjado Video featuring Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Ben Schwab, Paul John, Michael Garlinghouse, Dustin Werbeski, Kevin Yee, Mike Obedoza, Marcus Benavides, Victor Galicia, Nick Rother, and Lee Martin.

Jeremy Soderburg UC AM Wheel Promo Edit

A powerhouse of output with one of the most exclusive styles in the game, Jeremy Soderburg is back with this UC promotional video for the brand new UC Am Wheel, out now! Filmed by JC Rowe, Bill Hedrick, Hunter Hill, Jonathan Labez, Daniel scarano, and Gregory Preston.

Bitter Cold Showdown 2012: Unseen Footage

Hush Hush Distribution comes up with some unseen clips featuring rollers like Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Demetrios George, Alex Broskow, Brandon Smith, Tracy White, JC Rowe, Brett Urbas, Brian Aragon, Vinny Minton and many more.

Ben Schwab XSJADO 2011 Edit by Brandon Negrete

Xsjado kindly reduces your waiting time for their team video's upcoming trailer by releasing this 2011 edit of their team rider Ben Schwab. Filmed by Brandon Negrete, JC Rowe and Jeff Stockwell, edited by Brandon Negrete.