Skitchin’ the Bay with Erick Garcia

Erick Garcia (ESG) is a boss that has been doing this for years. Now the time has finally come to showcase what he has been up to this past year. Although his passion has always been for street and park skating, he has always loved the feel of speed beyond normal conditions. Erick would also like to pay homage to Video Groove Magazine (VG 8) with the song selection, as he has been in the game for 20 years now and to be frank, he just keeps it OG... Enjoy, JSF! -Sean Keane

Top 5: Victor Arias

Victor Arias is a fun dude to hang out with. In case you didn’t know that already, you should check out this Top5. He just finished filming for...

San Francisco Visitor’s Guide by Brian Krans

San Francisco is a visiting skater’s paradise. Besides the spot list that can go on forever provided you have adequate imagination and the ability to bomb 45-degree hills, the night scene is enough to bring your internal bruising up to par with your skating wounds.

Daniel Fabiano on bringing back Battle My Crew

Dave Paine and Dan Fabiano teamed up earlier this year to bring back the legendary VG Battle My Crew series. The deadline for the project is getting closer so we checked in with Dan to see how things are rolling.

Derek Henderson Talking About Friends, Idols, Heart Issues and Man-Blading

Growing up in the armpit of California can be pretty difficult for a blader, flat land, flat architecture, flat blade spots. Having and thriving on these difficulties has definitely shaped Derek to the blader he is. A hard finesse/precise/inventive/fuck-you style should sum up his blading, I might be missing some other distinct points but it's ok, you can come up with whatever you want, he won't give a shit. In this self conscious, trend following world, I feel that blading needs a kid like Derek. Call it man-blading, call it thrash-blading, call it whatever you want, Derek definitely has what people need. Give this a read and discover another side to a dude I'm honored to be friends with: Derek Henderson.

Catching Up With Jon Julio: Happy Birthday!

Jon Julio has been a part of blading since its inception. Besides inventing tricks in the early days, Jon has grown with the sport in both terms of talent and professional accolades.