In the Know: Jaren Grob

Be-Mag brings you the next 'In the Know' with none other than "The Monster", Jaren Grob. Check out the post on our msgboard and post your questions during the next two weeks!

Flash from the past: Jaren Grob fall

During the "sick trick contest" at the ASA Pro tour event in Milwaukee, Jaren Grob had a pretty bad fall by trying to transfer - over a 15 foot gap - from the Vert-Ramp to a rail at the judges tower.

15th Annual Hoedown edit by Patrick Leal

Here is the next edit straight from the Hoedown 2011 contest featuring some of Texas and the world's finest Rollerbladers. And yes there is a former X-Games champion - Jaren Grob - celebrating his comeback at this contest.


Eugen Enin went all Jaren Grob on us in Borklyn Zoo's latest vid named Stop smiling, with boards set up to transfer easier to rails. With a title...

One Minute One Spot: Chris van der Merwe and Earl Abrahams

And here we go with another double One Minute One Spot profile. South Africa's powerhouses Chris van der Merwe and Earl Abrahams recently found a new creative spot in Cape Town. Some days later they got back to film this sweet edit. Since summer is just coming up there, a whole new series of edits will be released within the next months. So check back on be-mag.