ZIGZAG: Video & Zine

ZIGZAG is a film and photo series produced by Jarrod Thackeray, and if you can now watch the 10 minutes video online, we highly suggest you get your...

Checking In with Robbie Pitts

If you asked me 4 months ago if Robbie Pitts would have a section in ‘Seven Rats’, I would have been hesitant in saying yes. We had submitted all of the footage I filmed of him in the past year for ‘Valo 4 Life’, and I didn’t have a single clip of him left for ‘Seven Rats’. When he returned from America, I filmed Robbie almost everyday for 3 months, and his persistence, and belief in the project carried him through to the end, delivering an amazing video section. He truly has put a lot of effort into getting his section done, from filming arbitrarily after work/university, to sitting in on the long editing process. His section was the first that I finished editing, wrapping it up within 5 hours of getting his final trick on camera. Working with Robbie was a great experience; his outlook on rollerblading is something that will always stay with me. Thanks for all the great memories Robbie!