Dutch Rollerblading Championship “Oeteldope” stopped in Eindhoven last Weekend

Last Saturday the 2th of April, the second round of the Dutch Championships rollerblading took place in Area 51 skatepark in Eindhoven. The senior contest was won by 16 years old talent Jelle Briggeman from Rotterdam. Also the junior contest was won by a talent from Rotterdam, Sem Croft. Next to competitors from all over the Netherlands also guys from Romania, Belgium, Germany and France showed up to compete.


This is what Jelle Briggeman, Tjeerd Weijers, Ivo Vegter and Rik van Huik do when Holland is covered in snow. Others keep complaining about the harsh conditions, these guys rip it up in the snow.


Cavin, thanks for uploading this in proper HD so we can enjoy the Parkbattles Woensel in crisp quality. Jaro Frijn won the pro division, with Sem...

Re: Mind the Gap 2010

The Mind the Gap finals 2010 had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. But Mind the Gap wouldn't be an extraordinary contest format if there wouldn't be a back-up plan. Plan your trip for the Re: Mind the Gap 2010. Read on!

2nd Stop – Mind The Gap 2010

The 2nd stop took place in Hertogenbosch at a free HipHop Festival. So they had the best live music and a big crowd all day long. Check out the edit...

1st stop Mind The Gap – Breakfest Festival (June 19th)

The first MTG stop was held at an urban lifestyle festival in the south of Holland, near the German border. The location is the Megaland which is in the city Landgraaf. The festival exposes different lifestyles such as: Beat-boxing, Graffiti, Skateboarding, BMXing and of course Rollerblading. Unique at this year's festival is the fact that the Mind the Gap will also host an BMX contest on its setup. Mind the Gap couldn’t have a better festival to start this year’s tour.