Jeremy Suarez Interview

Jeremy Suarez is a Belgium hero, he is warm and caring, always smiling and joking around…he is a proper entertainer and a significant part of the Forward Freestyle Family. When it comes to skating, he’s the kind of skater that clearly does it with the love. Creative and powerful, you can see him blast a park course with the craziest lines and you’ll never know what to expect next, but you can be certain that it will be insane. Switch and natural is out of the picture for him and his progress is constant. He is an amazing skater to watch and if you ever skate with him, you know you’re going to have a good time.

- Jeremy Kesler

Fenfanix 2013 Team Edit feat. Dalnas, Pottier, Cudot & more

Fenfanix's Gianluca Asunis brings us these new and old clips of their team riders Jeff Dalnas, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Romain Godenaire, Diego Guilloud, Warren Digne, Diego Luppi, Fallon Heffernan, Julien Cudot, Daniel Tamanda, Riano van der Heuvel, and Rob Pruett.

Ambiance Season 2 Episode 16 Trailer – by Mihai Bivol

Trailer for the new Ambiance Season Episode 16! Featuring the 2010 Lausanne Street Bowl Contest in Lausanne, Holland and Belgium street skating as well as Forward Freestyle Park session. Riders featured : Blake Bird, Leon Humphries, Joey Egan, Stephan De Freitas, Jeremy Kesler, Nicolas Schopfer, Adrien Anne...and many more! Edit by Mihai Bivol. Stay Tuned!

Razors News: Belgium Scene

Belgium's finest "Antony Pottier" and "Jeremy Kesler" ripping it up at their favourite skatepark, the Forward Freestyle Skatepark in Roeselare (Belgium). The park has been enlarged and renovated in the last months. When you go to the skatepark you will definitely find Jeremy's and Anto's signatures on the new ramps. Insane blading action!

Nocturnus 2013 Invitation by Jeroen Swerts

The Nocturnus event started years ago as an all-night street session in Brussels, Belgium organized by Laurens Van der Cruyssen. Obviously an event like that is not easy to organize every year so in 2006 we gladly took the concept of an all-night skatesession to the big skate plaza in Hasselt, Belgium where the lights stay on all night just for us.

Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Live-Update #2: Freezin’ at Forward Freestyle

The second day of the Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Tour started off with everyone waking up on air mattresses to the sound of Rob Pruett’s hair dryer at 9 in the morning. He was attempting to heat up the room at Forward Freestyle Skatepark after our space heater stopped working in freezing cold Belgium. The team eagerly got ready to blade quickly though. On our way to the ramps, more Fenfanix riders arrived. Diego Guilloud, Julien Cudot, and Antony Pottier came in with a bang and woke the rest of the house up. Everyone was game though and we started an early massive private session.

Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Live-Update #1: Kickin’ it at Forward Freestyle

Some Fenfanix riders arrived in Amsterdam late last night. Everyone was shocked about the frigidly cold weather since it was -9° C outside. But that didn’t stop us from immediately getting started with the good times by hitting up a bar in Leidsedam, Holland with the crew. We chilled and discussed the upcoming week over a few pitchers of beer. We all had a laugh and got excited about everything to come on the road to Winterclash with the Fenfanix crew.

Competition Report: Grindhouse X-Mas Jam 2011

The X-Mas Jam in Hamburg, Germany is an institution. It has existed for a long time and each year it draws a large international crowd of skaters to compete. Besides being internationally renowned it has become the official German Championships competition, making it the most important contest for this nation.