Jeremy Raff: Drawing Lines

It is always interesting to come across people whose skating directly mirrors their personality, Jeremy Raff is one of those people. When first meeting Raff he will want to know everything about you. He will know exactly who you are and your life story within a day and keep digging things out of you your entire friendship. How he approaches you is very up front but with the most elegance that you won't even notice that he now knows enough to write, direct and film a documentary on your existence. Jeremy's skating is very in your face and ornate all at the same time. Most people have yet to see Raff skate because it was not until recent years that video recording technology could capture such top speeds on rollerblades. At mach 10 you will see such precision in every trick but with the potential danger at speeds that high and his signature action face he gives you the perfect hint of crass. Jeremy has become a very close friend over the years and if you ever have chance of spending time with him you will find yourself wanting to know him as much as he wants to know you.

Cornbread (2011) by Jeremy Raff

You need to check out this montage with blading from Zacharias Flynn, Tobias Holden and Jeremy Raff. You will watch this edit more than one time. A year well spent!

Take 3 with Winterclash Founder Jojo Jacobi + Ticket Raffle

Jojo Jacobi is beginning to beat the drums for Winterclash 2012, which will take place at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, Netherlands, a location proven to be worthy for all that it has embraced. Be-Mag has been a media partner of Winterclash since its inception. This won't change in 2012 as we will continue to support the world's biggest rollerblading contest, covering the event live from Eindhoven, bringing you every moment in its greatest capacity. We recently sat down with founder Jojo Jacobi to get his personal thoughts and impressions on the past seven Winterclash events. What are his best memories and what are his worst? Who are the picks for Jojo's top three Winterclash competitors of all time? This and more, is what he discloses in the following article. On top of that you have a chance at winning a ticket to Winterclash 2012!


I've known artist JEREMY BEIGHTOL for probably about a decade now and can remember his artwork transitioning from early sketches to where he is today having not only launched KASPA, but having created many of the graphics for companies like Ground Control, 4x4 and, most recently, Psyko Clothing. In addition to his skating, more recently Jeremy has been back in the studio focusing on his artwork. His recent Pittsburgh show (along with Jesse Best) titled "SATAN IS REAL" was Jeremy's first big show and it was received very well! Jeremy was kind enough to give us this exclusive interview and pics from the opening night. Enjoy! -B

Sean Keane Rollerwarehouse 2012 Edit

Sean Kean is back on RB skates after a brief hiatus. Here's some fresh clips of him, filmed over the last year! Sick skating! Filming by Erick Garcia, Jeremy Raff, Christian Delfino, Matt Bolger, Jeff Jackson, Casey Bagozzi, Sean Salazaar, and Peter Drozdowski. Cameos by Jeremy Raff and Brendan Tidd.

Rollerwarehouse 4th of July edit

Our friends over at Rollerwarehouse seem to have a good time with fireworks and skate parks, especially on Independence Day in the United States. Take a quick look at their short edit featuring the skating of Jeff Jackson, Ben White, Danny Malm, Michael Braud and Sean Keane. Filmed by Jeremy Raff and Dave Hirt.

WNS Edit by Sean Keane

Andy Johnson just posted this awesome edit by Sean Keane featuring Danny Malm, Sean Keane, Toby Holden, Andy Johnson, Matt Timmons, Jeremy Raff, and Will Cosgrove. Have a look after the jump.