Jeremy Soderburg UC AM Wheel Promo Edit

A powerhouse of output with one of the most exclusive styles in the game, Jeremy Soderburg is back with this UC promotional video for the brand new UC Am Wheel, out now! Filmed by JC Rowe, Bill Hedrick, Hunter Hill, Jonathan Labez, Daniel scarano, and Gregory Preston.

Jeremy Soderburg Undercover Summer 2011 Edit

Check out Mr Jeremy Soderburg taking technical grinds to another level, and these are only the left overs for his upcoming profile in "Take Your Time". Filmed by: Gregory Preston, Jonathan Labez, and Connor O'Brien. Enjoy...

Sunday skate session with Jeremy Soderburg, Tyler Hester and more

Rollers in Los Angeles meet up on Sundays every once in a while to have a good session. There are no excuses accepted: Even though you might have a hang over from the day before, you have to come and bust it out. This month's first Sunday session took place deep in Los Angeles in the infamous town of Compton and everyone ripped it up - even though it was a chilled "sunday".

Jeremy Soderburg: Drawing Lines

Wether it be his immaculate shoe collection, distinct style of blading or his persistent attitude to be on his game, Jeremy truly keeps it clean and professional. With an undeniable love for rollerblading and no sign of slowing down – yet the opposite with his move up to AM on undercover wheels – you can count on catching more and more of this dude shredding. So keep your eyes peeled.