Jochen Smuda is a Lomographer

Jochen Smuda is one of the founders of the streetwear brand UCON and an ex pro rollerblader. The Lomo Diana Mini and LC-A+ had the honor to accompany him for the last months through day and night, over hill and dale, everywhere at any time. Read more about Jochen in this interview and browse through his amazing pictures!

Jochen Smuda Interview + UCON Spring Collection Preview

UCON never ceases to amaze us with each new line. Recently we met them at Winterclash where they talked about their ideas, what has changed and where they are heading. Oh, and they also showed us all their new goods! We were, of course, really impressed with the huge new line and all the detailing and extra work they put into their products. UCON is definitely on another level with their collection, their focus on quality and their constant push to include their ideas with each new latest line. Enjoy some some pics of the new line below along with a quick interview we did with Jochen for the launch of this line. -Michael Bayr

Blast from the Past: The German Wunderkind

There are two moments in life where I met Jochen Smuda for the first time. Paradox? Not at all. The very first time I saw him I was watching the Paris Bercy Contest on Eurosport. I was wondering where that kid came from as he was the only German going to the finals altogether with well known pro skaters from all over the world. The first time I met him in real life was in Stuttgart at the DIV German Championships. I don't think we spoke a word but I liked him being focused on rollerblading, no signs of arrogance, ignoring the hype that started after people got to know "Wunderkind" Jochen Smuda. Those are some memories from the 90's, but if I look at Jochen nowadays, he didn't change much. Always in a good mood he seems to be born to entertain people; but besides his funny side, to me he is someone you can ask for help, talk to when an advice is needed, inspiring in so many different ways.

Big UCON Prizegiving

UCON has just released the new summer line, which is available in shops now. Besides tons of new products, they have also added a new skater to their family. Who is the new teamrider?

Ben Harmanus: About Chimera, Adapt and More Projects

If you've never met Ben Harmanus before, from the outset he can seem a little bit scary. A man covered in tattoos who's always dressed in black and constantly throwing himself at rails all over the globe. For those who do know him, they realize this is simply a front for one of the most caring and passionate skaters in our scene. Ben spoke with Be-mag to discuss the current state of Chimera, his collaboration with the dutch boot company Adapt and the future and beyond of skating.

Just released: The Be-Mag ‘Discowl’ Shirt

Berlin based Illustrator Mike Friedrich – a member of 'The World Organisation' – agreed to design a limited Be-Mag T-Shirt for our loved customers. We simply adore the way Mike is drawing, mixing characters with surreal patterns and crazy imaginative essence.

‘Supervillains’ by Peter Bender

'Supervillains' is a short blade flick which sums up a whole year of filming around my hometown area in the west of Germany and some days in Berlin, Mannheim and Heidelberg. I'm dropping this edit on my birthday today as a present to myself and my buddies.

Ben Harmanus: Reflecting on What Is

Ben is a veteran in our sport, has pulled some of the burliest stunts, been around the block more times than even he can remember, and now in his wiser days he is putting enlightenment before excitement when taking a look at all that skating and life around him has become. With the relaunch of Chimera and a fresh start in Berlin he has stepped into a life of inspiration.

Ignition City Guide Berlin by Dirk Oelmann

A City Guide is a simple way to introduce a new place and country to people who want to travel there. It gives them insight on the best of the best it has to offer from food, art, fashion/design and skate spots. At the beginning of last year I started to work on a Berlin guide for Ignition Skateshop. The first city guide I created was for Helsinki, Finland in my spare time while I worked in the graphic design department of my university. This was a fun side project for me when I studied there for six months on an exchange program in 2008.

Skatepark Checkout: I-Punkt Skateland Hamburg, Germany

We are only one week away from this year's German Inline Championships, the X-Mas Jam 2010, held at the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg, Germany. Local ripper Pawel Wieleba prepared a big story exclusively for be-mag that features an up-to-date park edit, facts on the city of Hamburg, an Interview with veteran Jonn Rübcke and some old-school stuff. Take some time and enjoy it.

Valo4Life filming in Munich

Dario met up with Jon Julio, Chris Obermaier and Patrick Ridder at the new bowl for a session but until I got into the city they went on to some street spots to get some clips for Valo4Life. After a quick call I met them at Koenigsplatz school rails where Chris warmed up with a back royale and a minute later the house keeper kicked us out.