Dan Ives & Joe Harvey at Saffron Walden by Luke Petty

Do you know that feel when you're thinking about this one song you really liked wondering what it was called and next thing you know there's a blade edit starting to play on your computer screen with that exact song? Never happened to you? Okay, then let's just say if this wasn't rollerblading the song title and artist name would be in the video's description so you'd know what it was... Enjoy this edit of Dan Ives and Joe Harvey shredding Saffron Waldon skate park. Filmed by Luke Petty and edited to this one song you'll probably like. Or not. Or whatever...

Competition Report: Laced Comp 2013

“It’s alright, just my fingers innit!” That statement came from Jake Ricketts, after falling far and fast to the concrete, breaking two fingers and going back to nail the trick and the AM first place. It pretty much sums up the badassery that rollerblading in general and the UK scene in particular is so proud of, and it was on full display at Laced weekend.

Competition Report: Stay In-Line 2012

Stay In-Line Comp - This is our first event put together under the flag of S.I.L. Productions. A brand that I created three years ago as a way for people to see rollerblading through our eyes and through our friends. We hope to continue to have numerous events through out the year to bring the rolling community together and hopefully spark a fire in the younger generation to continue taking our sport to the level it should be.