Competition Report: Get Out The Way Contest in Amsterdam

There was total chaos in Amsterdam when the first 'GET OUT THE WAY' edition went loose. Eighteen teams with thirty-six skaters raced on their bikes from spot to spot throughout the whole city. At each spot they had to finish a certain trick to get as many points as possible. We made an edit from the footage that the competitors sent us to give you a little impression of what went down on the 25th of August.

Dick Heerkens: One Minute, One Spot

This spot is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, near Amtel station. This rail is quite new in Amsterdam. Because there is not much footage from this rail, I decided to film my One Minute One Spot at this spot. There is a little gap between both rails, which makes the rail even more exciting/technical to skate. I'm sure you're gonna see more footage from this spot in the near future, becaus it's one of the best rails we have in Amsterdam!

Soulsession A8

Soulsession A8 is a monthly event, and every time it is held in a different skatepark. The Razors and Valo Team will be joining the session which is...

Amsterdam Week: The 2012 Amsterdam Rollerblading Video

This is the latest attempt in bringing it back to how it used to be, from the biggest and baddest O.G. in the Amsterdam rolling game. Twenty-plus minutes of no-bullshit hardcore street skating in and around Amsterdam from the Dutch blading hoodlums that you know best: Daan Hegt, Randy Abels, Tyron Ballantine, Terrence Buyne, Ryan Claus, Donny Duracel, Dick Heerkens, Sven Boogie and more of these lovely gents. Handcrafted, cooked up and spiced extra saucy for your pleasure by our shepherd of skating, Remy Cadier. Ajax de beste.


»A pregnant woman far away ran after us, while screaming loud in Spanish. Because of San Juan, the whole beach was full of drunk, knocked-out and sleeping people. The screaming was just one of many sounds that morning, decorating the beautiful view. After walking through the sand for 5 hours, and being awake for more than 24 hours, there was nothing left to talk.«