Kaltik in California: Joey Egan, Jay and Dano Gorman

A selection of raw clips from the Kaltik Team Video and The New Irish Rolling video on their tour in California. On their first day they skated a ledge in Hermosa, a Rail at a mall in Los Angeles and a ledge at Venice Beach. Sick blading from our Irish friends.

Blake Bird & Joey Egan Session

Like I promised (actually I didn't promise anything but I mentionned it) here is another super sweet edit by our fellow teammate Mihai Bivol. The title says it all... P.S: BLACK BIRD BABY!

Kalktik Halloween Tour 2009

Simply the plan was to get a few of us Irish rollerbladers to do a small trip around the East and South of Ireland. With myself driving, along with Albert, Paraic and Donal. I hoped where would be at least 20 of us if not more! Joey Egan flew over from Germany on the Wednesday evening ...

Geneva Flow Bowl 2012 edit

The first annual Flow Bowl contest took place in Geneva. Check out Dominik Wagner, Blake Bird, Nils Jansons, Stephan De Freitas and Joey Egan shredding the Swiss concrete. Edit by Shoyu Prod / Ben Shelbourne.

Ambiance Season 2 Episode 16 Trailer – by Mihai Bivol

Trailer for the new Ambiance Season Episode 16! Featuring the 2010 Lausanne Street Bowl Contest in Lausanne, Holland and Belgium street skating as well as Forward Freestyle Park session. Riders featured : Blake Bird, Leon Humphries, Joey Egan, Stephan De Freitas, Jeremy Kesler, Nicolas Schopfer, Adrien Anne...and many more! Edit by Mihai Bivol. Stay Tuned!

2010 Saint Patrick’s Day Comp

The 10th annual St Patrick's weekend skate comp took place this year in Dublin City, Ireland. This year the event stretched over three days with a late night skate on Friday, a park comp on Saturday in the new Skatepark of Dublin (SOFD), and a street comp on Sunday. Joey Egan traveled all the way from Germany for the comp as well as a number of Scottish coming over for the weekend...