Roller Warehouse Roadtrip to AIL Edit by Sean Keane

Of course, the guys from Roller Warehouse were present at the AIL finals in Woodward West. Andy Johnson, Derrick Henderson, Sean Keane, Danny Malm, and Joey Ihara took it down on the little indoor skate plaza, and on the way home, they stopped by at the Delano Skatepark, because, well... nobody can't get enough, right? Check out the edit for some solid blading.

Derek Henderson Talking About Friends, Idols, Heart Issues and Man-Blading

Growing up in the armpit of California can be pretty difficult for a blader, flat land, flat architecture, flat blade spots. Having and thriving on these difficulties has definitely shaped Derek to the blader he is. A hard finesse/precise/inventive/fuck-you style should sum up his blading, I might be missing some other distinct points but it's ok, you can come up with whatever you want, he won't give a shit. In this self conscious, trend following world, I feel that blading needs a kid like Derek. Call it man-blading, call it thrash-blading, call it whatever you want, Derek definitely has what people need. Give this a read and discover another side to a dude I'm honored to be friends with: Derek Henderson.