Competition Report: Fise 2012 Slopestyle

Our Be-Mag staff videographer Karsten Boysen invaded this year's FISE event stop in Montpellier, France. The new downhill "slopestyle" course was introduced for the first time combined with an intense inofficial rail contest, and partying for four days. Here you can get a small glimpse of what went down in the Rollerblading division at Europe's biggest Extreme Sports Event.

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #8: How High

Man, look at the size of that jump. It’s like a super-mega ramp with a gap. 900…900..1080? What is this, freeskiing? Not even close. The danger factor just got amped up one thousand times. As if you didn’t know already from what we’ve shown, if you missed out on Air FISE Marsielle, you made one of the biggest mistakes of your life. If you have been following, you already know. Either way, it means you are thirsty for bangers. So, back to that super-mega ramp. Think you have what it takes? This is a do or die situation. You don’t clear that landing and you’ll be sipping out of a tube for the next year. So, why don’t you just sit back and see what Aragon, Morales, Haffey, Godenaire, and some friends have been up to. Don’t worry, we won't tell anyone about the drool on your keyboard.

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #4: Mega Jump Test Session with Chris Haffey and Friends

Yesterday each rider had the chance to test the FISE big air ramp, except those that didn't dare to do it. Yeah, this jump is a serious business as you can see in the pictures below. The riders kicked off the session with a 'small' gap (10 metres). Chris Haffey was kind enough to share all his Mega Jump experience with the other attendees. The riders entered the ramp one by one. Their initial fears have been quickly forgotten: Straight after landing the jump they wanted to be back in the air. Jumping a ramp like this is not an easy task: You have to be fully focussed, even the smallest mistakes aren't allowed here. After a while the riders started to feel more comfortable to this new setting and therefore their jumps got bigger and more risky. This test session made us all pretty excited for the Friday show. To be honest - the world record attempt looks really scary. Only god knows if it's possible. Stay tuned for more action tomorrow.

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #2: More Pictures from The Ramp Set-Up

The Fise Team arrived early in the morning to prepare the event venue. But what's the deal about the Air Fise event? Compared to the other Fise events the AIR FISE is not a competition, it's a show. Rollerblading plays an important part in the show. Additionally, we have an own area for wakeboarders which is a big pool set up in the Marseille Ice Ring and equipped with huge FISE ramps. On the other side of the ring there will be a new and exiting ramp set up for the rollerbladers. Brian Aragon, Franky Morales and Chris Haffey already arrived in Marseille to check out the location. French Riders Kevin Quintin, Romain Godenaire and Mathias Silhan are also on site and will enter the course today. As you might have seen on the Air Fise teaser the Air Fise will be the platform for another highlight: Chris Haffey will to try to break the world record for the longest jump. Stay tuned for further updates.