Jojo Jacobi Interview on

Lovely Sophie Planque of sat down with Johannes Jacobi to talk about the state of the Winterclash and its re-invention for 2011. Watch out for more of this busy guy on Be-Mag. Soon.

Roskilde 2011 Live-Update #3 – Checking in with Montre Livingston

While on tour around Europe, Montre Livingston also stopped by the Roskilde Festival. After Tuesday's demo, Johannes Jacobi took Montre aside and checked in with him about his current tour, his experience at the festival and the new SSM video for which the filming has just begun worldwide. Ronni Skovmand also prepared an edit of Montre which was filmed during the demo yesterday.

The Berlin Skate force

Here you can see the Berlin Skate force (including Johannes Jacobi, Nikolas Belka, Andreas Wagenblast, Dominik Wagner Bart Laubsch and Sascha Krautz) marking their territory at their local Berlin bowl. We hope to see more of this crew from now on.