The Gypsy Project: Gypsy Free

This adventure continues the 2012 summer travels of Fredrik Andersson, Josh Glowicki, Richie Eisler and Dominik Wagner as they search through Sweden, Norway and Germany for the best places to skate and hang. And as always, we got some new Gypsies to add to the crew. Some of the most talented people in rollerblading, such as Montre Livingston, Nils Janson, Alex Popovic, Jonas Bodtker, Olav Norheim and Toms Krasovskis! -Josh Glowicki

Olav Norheim: New Street Edit

Norway's finest Olav Norheim filmed a lot last summer on different locations, but most of the time in Scandinavia. Here is a good looking potpourri of clips. Most of them were filmed by Be-Mag's Norway ambassador Jonas Bodtker.

Leon Basin: Another Rolling/Parkour remix edit

Apparently, the Canadian rollers like to combine different disciplines. Here we are talking again about rolling and parkour. Shop task owner Leon Basin from Vancouver simply explains his rolling style by quoting Friedrich Nietzsche: "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."

Olav Norheim in New York

Olav Norheim, Jonas Bodtker went to New York for their rollerblading vacation and they made this sweet edit of their time over there with Alex Nunez,...

Olav Norheim: One Minute One Spot

We were in NYC for almost two weeks this summer. We had seen this spot with the grindbox that the local skaters had built and decided to check it out, and make Olav’s edit for a "One Minute One Spot" right here. That's how Norwegians explore a country on rollerblades.