Julian Coulter Interview

Julian Coulter is a name that seems to pop up quite a lot lately. We decided to check in with the guy who had a killer section in City and the Seed, dropped an exceptional street profile a few months ago, skydives and surfs besides skating, and somehow manages to keep a full time job at a large accountancy firm as well.

Julian Coulter: First day Powerblading

Skating in Barcelona is incredible with so many interesting spots to blade and perfect weather. The UK's Julian Coulter got his hands on some powerblade frames and he filmed some tricks at some rugged spots.

City and the Seed Trailer by Hotmilk Films

Hotmilk Films presents 'City and the Seed'. A film that captures a group of friends rollerblading in London, UK. Directed by Matt Watta and edited by Wim Cleiren. Skating by Leon Humphries, Julian Coulter, Blake Bird, Matt Watt, Neil Ingall, Peter Bexley, James Bower, Andrew Halls, and Matt Chilvers. Enjoy!

Summer Camps Tossa de Mar

Julian Coulter and Spanish skater Ivan Malvido are running a Rollerblading summer camp at Club Eurocamp skatepark in north eastern Spain this summer...

Photographer Profile: Dale Travers

Dale Travers has been photographing skating since 1996 and has been travelling all over the world to shoot his photos. He is currently living in Brisbane, Australia, but has spent time living in London, and has seen large portions of Europe and the United States. He is currently working on improving his skill by working for a big commercial photography company, and meanwhile still has time to work on his personal projects.

‘City and the Seed’ by Hotmilk Films

Hotmilk Films are in the process of uploading their video 'City and the Seed'. We'll be adding the missing sections once they become available. Why you should watch the video? Well, because it is really good!