Northwest Summertime Park Jams with Cameron Talbott, Justin Barr, Brandon Mateer and More

Did you know Montana and Idaho had skate scenes? Yeah, me neither, until I met some of these guys over the summer on The Colorado Road Trip. I could sit here and talk them up but I’ll let their skating speak it all. This edit has some bangers, some flow, a good vibe, and some serious personality. In person it all gets even better. Check out this little summer jam and remember what it’s all about.

Cody Lampman 2012 Edit by Mykel Fatali

Cody Lampman is a baller pimp. His 2012 profile was filmed by Mykel Fatali, Geoff Phillip, Jeremy Spira, Justin Barr, Greg Freeman, Greg Schlosser, Chris Bazan, Howie Bennett, and Will Boulder. More from Cody on Be-Mag... soon.

Barn Burner 2011 Contest Report & Official Edit

At first, frustration sets in hearing once again the late announcements of this year’s Barn Burner; thinking to myself “Great no one will show”! With an epic history filled with the biggest names followed by tricks for the books the Barn Burner needs no introduction. Although after last years contest the idea of this year had everyone questioning.