PTG All Day 2013 in Katowice, Poland

August 31, 2013 is the the day of PTG All Day 2013 aggressive inline contest, held at one of the best skatepark in Poland – PTG. The competition will be an opportunity to see the skating of highest level. The first edition of the competition PTG All Day 2013 brought together the best skaters from around the country!

Hedonskate Katowice Sessions by Przemek Madej

Starring Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Mark Wojda, Brian Long, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Tomasz Kwiecien, Basza, Radek Kojtych, Tomek Przybylik, and Russell Dineen. The Hedonskate Team captured their Katowice Sessions in this banger edit by Przemek Madej. Get a good glimpse of the Polish scene and sick blading here on Be-Mag.

Daniel Kinney & Kato on WRS ‘Uploaded’

The World Rolling Series has introduced a new addition to their already successful competitive format. 'Uploaded', a online video format, allows competitors from around the world to upload their own edits in order to win prizes and points within WRS. It combines the concepts of mass generated edits over the recent years with people who want to compete in a different scope. There are those who express their riding best in front of crowds under the pressure of direct competition, which in the past have been the ones able to succeed in a competitive nature. Now, those who work best in front of the camera at their own pace have the opportunity to find competitive success where it did not exist before. WRS representatives Daniel Kinney and Kato Mateu got together with Be-Mag with the intention of answering some questions and cracking open all that is 'Uploaded.'

Coal Events: End Of Season Blowout Event in Katowice, Poland

On October 28th the traditional skate season in Europe will come to an end. Now, hold on. Don't let your eyes start welling up with tears. Katowice, Poland's going to make it all better. Just because the streets will soon start to be covered in snow doesn't mean a thing, because it aint over 'til the fatty lady sings…or, until Katowice, Poland's “End of Season” jam goes down. When we mean down, we mean blowing up. This time it's going off with a huge event including tons of music, parties, ladies (and guys as well, so don't get all cranky, girls), booze, good vibes, good times, and of course some of the most ballin' skating of the year. There will not only be a contest for rolling, but BMX and ATB as well. This epic party is not one to be missed. So, saddle up, get that calendar marked up, and make your arrangements to get moving, today!

Old school legend Tim Ward interviews Kato Mateu

You remember Tim Ward from Back in the day? He seems to be back skating and shredding more again. Above that, he started a new website,, which is an Australian Rollerblading Community site. Some weeks ago Tim talked to his old friend Kato Mateu (Remz founder). Check out what they have been talking about. This is a great read.