Introducing: King Crow Bearings by Brian Shima

King Crow Bearings is the new bearings company founded by Brian Shima. After starting with Shima Skate Manufacturing this is the next venture from Brian. King Crow Bearings are being used by top skaters all over the world. King Crow Bearings are available in 3 quality levels, Abec 7, Abec 9 and as precision bearings for a great price for the quality. Get your King Crow bearings now!

Nils Jansons interview: Checking in with the Winterclash champ

After finishing second last year Nils Jansons stepped it up another notch at the 2013 Winterclash. The 20 year old Latvian amazed everyone in Eindhoven with some serious hammers including a jawdropping 540 alley-oop top soul. We checked in with the brand new champ for a quick interview.

RollKings Tour Update #1: Arriving in Scotland and The Unit 23 Open

After a relatively easy van and rider pickup including Adrian Wallace, Jake Ricketts. Somehow we got to Dumbarton and the Unit 23 skatepark on time,in one piece and in dry weather. After a quick stop to pick up Chaz Sands who will now be joining us on the tour we hit a very packed Unit 23 to break in the new down box addition to the famous flatbank. It turns out the new box is indeed amazing and revitalises a park obstacle that has withstood 8 years of insane tricks from the best riders in the world sliding down the rails and boxes.

Sven Boekhorst talking about his ‘CityHopper’ Project + Trailer

With so many rolling edits out there it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with something unique and exciting. In recent years it seems like the only way to get noticed is to go bigger than anyone has gone before or add in that extra rotation before landing on a rail. Over the past year Sven Boekhorst and his team have been working on a different approach on how they could grab everyone's attention, both inside the skate world as well as outside our cozy realm. What they came up with was a project called 'CityHopper'. In an attempt to take things to a different level the outcome truly shines as unique. Sven was really open to letting us in on this little secret that he had been hiding. Take some time to read up and find out what exactly 'CityHopper' is all about. We think you will be just as pleased as we were. 

The Making of the Blading Cup Trophy: Sayer Danforth Creates a Masterpiece

What makes a competition unique are the elements that go into putting together a piece of art. Because, after all that truly is what a unique competition is. Anyone can hold a contest, have people gather, give each rider several run times, crown first through third, hand out a few prizes, and then call it a day. But, to go above and beyond when making the elements of a competition differ from others creates something individual in its own character. In the end, with all of the people involved and all of the hard work put into creating uniqueness, this said competition can grow into something bigger and stand out above the rest in a memorable way. After all, if you take this said competition and include unique features in a unique setting with the industry’s top pro riders who in their own minds are creating art with how they use each piece within the contest then right there you have just brought art to life. Well, something to this magnitude needs to be creative on all accounts from the setting and obstacles, to the invites and promotion, all the way down to the last detail. This year’s first annual Blade Cup spared no detail in creating a masterpiece when Jon Julio thought of something far out in a concept for the trophy. I mean, this is Blading, right? The end result… Well, you’ll just have to click down below and see for yourself.

Dutch Rollerblading Champion crowned in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Last Saturday the third and final round of the Dutch Championship series took place. The best Dutch riders were present to compete for the final points. The win in the junior's division took Tasheed Zaalman from Rotterdam and the senior title was taken by Dick Heerkens from Amsterdam. Although both were in the top of the ranking before the final round already, it was still a round full of excitement.

Checking In with Sven Boekhorst

Sven Boekhorst just sent us a small edit and a few pics. We thought we should do a quick „Checking In“ with him since Winterclash is happening in his home country this year. We also wanted to know if he plans to live up to his performance at last years Winterclash in Berlin, which was nothing short of amazing. How's his „Svenergy“ level right now? And what has he planned for 2011?

What is King of the Street

To those of you that don't know, K.O.S is an annual real street contest in Calgary Alberta. The event was created by Calgary's legend skater, Tom Dixon. Every year skaters from all around the west coast of Canada make their way to Calgary to skate the narliest spots that Tom will come up with.

Issue 36 – Making of the Covershot at Winterclash 2010

Hi Be-maggers, we are Tim and Alex from The World Organisation ( and we made the cover for this issue. For the stunt we managed to book german supermodel Ben Harmanus. After years of building and painting the Be-Mag booth at Winterclash it was obvious that we had to come up with something special now that the Winterclash had found it’s way to Berlin, our hometown.

Checking in with Jojo Jacobi

Six months ago the world of Rollerblading gathered in Berlin as Jojo called for the Winterclash 2010. This event was bigger, louder and more spectacular than all previous Winterclashs and Rollerblading contests. But while Jojo organized one of the biggest Rollerblading events to date, it somehow went quiet around his own person after the event. That's why Be-Mag checked in with Jojo to find out what's going on.