Scribe Industries: Kirill Galushko Pro Wheel Edit

Kirill has been a shining example of how hard work, dedication and professionalism pays off. Since being added to the Scribe family in 2011 he has boosted international sales in his region, represents the brand world-wide at every event he attends, and proves to keeping pushing his own limitations and boundaries for the growth of our sport. Keep your eyes on Kirill Galushko, for he is a stepping stone for international visibility and growth. -Daniel Fabiano, Scribe Industries owner

Kirill Galushko China Energy Tour ’11 Trailer

Check out this trailer of Kirill Galushko touring China for Gorilla Energy drink. Besides being fearless with exotic food Kirill is able to kill big spots with style and we are looking forward to seeing the whole edit of his tour through China. Edit by Kirill Galushko Enjoy..

Kirill Galushko: Sportex Skatepark Edit

What can they say about Kirill Galushko? This dude is not your average do or die euro chucker. Kirill has proven loyalty to his sponsors, and you can describe him with a few words: killer steeze but surprisingly technical at the same time, perfect understanding of the global picture in our industry, and outstanding dedication to the sport. This edit is filmed in the Sportex Skatepark, the largest skatepark from Russia, located in Krasnoyarsk city in the heart of Siberia.

Kirill Galushko: Scribe Edit

Razors, Scribe, KAUNET, and Rollerclub team rider, Kirill Galushko is currently touring China with Brian Aragon, in representation of his sponsors and showing his blade skills to the fullest. Check out his latest "Autumn One Day Edit," both shot and chopped by Rodion Korneev in Moscow.