Kenneth Dedeu Kizer Level 2 Edit

Kenneth Dedeu is responsible of the visual representation of USD, UC, Kizer and Ennui at The Conference. This is him shredding Barcelona on his Kizer Level 2 frames. Filmed and edited by Mark Heuss.

Michel Prado Kizer Level 2 Edit

Michel Prado got a pair of the new Kizer Level 2 frames to test, and this is what he came up with. The Kizer Level 2 is out now, and fits a 76mm flat setup. Available in both black and white.

Kizer introduces Slimline 2 Frame

Kizer are proud to present their new Slimline 2 frame. This latest frame from the Kizer family is the perfect product for flat skating, offering middle wheel protection combined with the fast & proven Fluid material. The Slimline is designed as a lightweight, strong frame and is available in three different sizes.

Powerblading: Kizer Advance Mod by David Mouningan

We leave it up to you if Powerblades should be used to do regular Blading tricks or invent new ones, to leap further or jump higher, to skate spots that aren't skated as easily with an Anti setup. Or simply just for going fast. The idea David and his pals came up with is definitely great and should be seen as a hint to how a great flat frame could look like. Peep this edit filmed in Bordeaux, France!

The Kizer Fluid 4 is out now!

Perfected by a whole team of experts, the perfect and definitive Anti-Rocker frame is available now! If you're a fan of the Fluid 3 you can remain calm as it will still be available after the Fluid 4 has launched.