Raiffeisen Lausanne Street&Bowl contest 2011 official edit

The Raiffeisen Lausanne Street&Bowl contest took place between the 1st and 4th of September. This year's event program not only included the rolling competition itself, but also a lot of side-events such as waterjump sessions, 80's Rollerdisco, night rolling sessions etc. If we have to pick an edit of the day, this one probably takes the cake!

Raiffeisen Lausanne Street Bowl Contest

Guillaume J. Lauzier did an absolutely killer job on getting us the hook up on the complete four-day Lausanne Street Bowl Contest covering every division and getting some really sick shots. Sorry if you couldn’t make it because the rollers were really setting it off. But, it’s all good because you really get a feel for the entire event and the vibe that was going on in Guillaume’s video. Of course, the comp had a stellar setup both indoors and out. So, while you’re watching this feel free to run through what lines you would have been putting together. Then, you can wipe that drool off of your face and go hit the streets. Kudos to all who competed and ripped.

Lausanne Contest 2011 Live-Update #5: The unbeatable Beat

According to our Be-Mag filmers and photographers Beat Schillmeier killed it all day. Due to rain setting in 10 minutes after the pro comp started the contest was evacuated into the skatepark of Lausanne. We'll see how it goes from there and what the bad weather means for tomorrow.

Be-Mag ticket raffle for the Lausanne Contest 2011 in Switzerland

And here is another prize raffle for all you contest lovers. This time we team up with the organizers from the traditional Lausanne contest. So do you want to retrace a bit of rolling history and meet other skaters from all over the world? Then you better take part in our ticket raffle below. All you need to do is to answer a simple question. More details below.

Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest 2011 in Switzerland

From the 1st to the 4th of September 2011 the third edition of the Lausanne Street & Bowl Contest (a WRS 4 stars event) will take place at the legendary venue in Vidy where the well known IRCL was once held. This year, the spots built for the event will make you go crazy: from rainbow boxes and rainbow rails to the mighty dragon rail that was featured in 2010, be prepared for an ass-kicking course and some crazy stunts!

Lausanne Contest Promo Edit

Lausanne is back! The legendary contest returns to the city that lacks nothing a skater could wish for! Check out this promo edit for the upcoming contest. Enjoy...