One Minute, One Spot: Levi van Rijn

Sometimes big things come in small packages. At only 15, Levi's skating career is off to an impressive start. It's not hard to find one minute of Levi skating. Finding one spot to keep his attention is the difficult part - always looking for more challenging obstacles. Levi's love for blading is contagious. It's easy to witness how much fun he has blading by watching any of his edits. This is only the beginning. I'm excited to see what the future holds for Levi and his never ending progression. - Jeff Crays

Introducing the juniors: Levi van Rijn

A lot has happened for Levi van Rijn in the last few months. After releasing his profile half a year ago, he got picked up by Razors, finished third at the first ever Winterclash Junior competition, first at the Dutch national championship and got a sponsorship from Thisissoul Skateshop. This week his new profile was released, the perfect moment to sit down and have a chat with Levi. Enjoy the first article of our Introducing the juniors series!

Levi van Rijn – Early 2013 Profile

It's been 7 months since Levi's first street profile was released, and in that time he's been picked up by Razors and Thisissoul. Meanwhile we've been working hard to get new footage, skating whenever it wasn't raining. Enjoy this profile shot in the first months of 2013!

Rotterdam Street Battle 2013

Every year Sven Boekhorst organises the Rotterdam Street Battle on the Streetplaza in Rotterdam's Zuiderpark. This edit shows you the day and includes skating by Eugen Enin, Adrian Roter, Levi van Rijn, Rik van Huik, August van der Velden and many others!