Clip 4 Lisbon section

If you are on a nostalgic kick we recommend you to watch the Clip 4 Lisbon section. Portugal's finest show you how you have to tackle the Portuguese architecture.

Dirk Oelmann documenting the Scene in Portugal

Earlier this year I had the great chance to spend three weeks in Portugal. I started my trip in Porto and stayed there at Marcello Oliveira's place. After some days of skating and filming for another project I went down south to meet up with Bruno Santos, who's the owner of Rove Skateshop in Leiria and made this little interview with him. We had great a time and it was really nice to be involved in his daily life!

Nomades tour update part 2: Hello Madrid!

Right after the fourth day of sessioning in Lisbon, we drove to Madrid even though we had a sleepless night in the van. We arrived in Madrid early in the morning. And the early beauty of the city amazed us all. No more time to slobber over Spain's capital, it was time to find a hotel for the night.

Nomades tour update part 1: Let’s shred Portugal

Be-Mag is excited to announce the Nomades tour 2010 update series. Some of France' best shredders (including Xavier Raimbault, Warren Digne, Mathias Silhan, Patrick Sutnen, Nicolas Auroux, Adrien Clairaz and Clément Milot) are currently touring through South-West Europe to find the one and only spot to shred on. From now on, we will report here and there from their trip. So make sure you check back on be-mag. Tour filmer Greg Mirzoyan is working hard to get the best out of each rider that is part of the tour.

Valo tour update: day 14 – 18

The Valo team squad spent two more days shredding, partying and sightseeing in Lisbon before they went off to Madrid and then to Barcelona. While Soichiro had to leave them because of Asian X Games, Cossimo Tassone from Switzerland and Justin Hertel from the US joined the Valo travel crew in Barcelona. Now it's hammer shred time in the streets of Barcelona.

Valo at the Fise

Check out the Valo photo update from the Fise in Montpellier on their page. The next Valo tour stop is Lisbon (Portugal). Stay tuned for some more...

4Life EU Summer Tour 2010

Valo just announced their stops for the European Summer Tour 2010. The Valo Team consisting of Alex Broskow, B Smith, Cosimo Tassone, Erik Bailey, Ivan Narez, Jon Julio, Soichiro Kanashima and Victor Arias will bash their way through Europe, starting from the Chaz Sands Invite through Amsterdam, Montpellier and Lisbon and ending a eight day trip through Spain. You can look forward to some kicking ass Valo footage in may!

Portugese National Contest

The Portugese National Contests will start next weekend. There will be 4 contests this year, and the first one will be on May 1st and May 2nd in...