Pariah Review by Lukas Tönnesmann

It is hard to put into words how very much I enjoy Adam Johnson´s work. Not only does he know how to capture the aesthetics of rollerblading in a way that appeals to a vast majority of the rolling community, but in addition he seems to dedicate every breathing minute to rollerblading related projects, be it VX, Street Artist or whatnot. For the last few years Adam has been on the road constantly. The routine of buying a van and turning it into his mobile headquarter appears to have become a fixed segment of his life. After filming for On Top and Charging, both extremely well received projects, he still had the energy to put his all into yet another feat.

Ground Control DVD Review by Lukas Tönnesmann + Exclusive DVD Section

Ever since the first rolling videos hit the market in the early '90's, certain releases – such as 'The Hoax' and VG installments, or later published milestones like 'Coup de Tat' and 'Brain Fear Gone' – have changed not only the way people tend to look at and think about the specific scenes and rollerbladers portrayed, but also rolling culture itself. Even though I think it's too early to say what long term effect the release of GC.1 will have on the rolling world it undoubtedly has heightened my expectations regarding filming and video graphic techniques. Adding the extremely high production quality to the skills of one of the best teams in rollerblading yet, the math basically does itself. The Ground Control team video represents the passion and hard work Jon Elliott and his crew have put into their dream, resulting in one of the most spectacular videos to date.

Up and comers: Eugen Enin

Eugen Enin... who is this guy? Two years ago, Eugen popped out of nowhere into the German scene all of a sudden, placed high at some of the main street competitions, showed his super-tech blading here and there in small web files and German DVDs, was rather quickly placed on USD's Flow Team and managed to impress virtually everyone who witnessed his abilities in person. His body and mind may be in the perfect condition to become one of Europe's finest street skaters. At a young age he already appears to be quite focused, mature, motivated and strong enough to take a beating and get right back up to finish the job. But enough the sweet talk, have a look at one of Germany's finest up & comers, Eugen Enin!