Bitter Cold Showdown PRO And AM Results: Congrats CJ Wellsmore And Michael Froemling!

CJ Wellsmore not only took the win at the Pro competition but also at the Bowl competition. Second place went to Roman Abrate and third to Wake Shepman. Congrats everyone and watch out for edits and more updates on be-mag as we sort through the tons of material we have from the competition. Thanks also to everyone who dropped by at our booth, and we almost sold out of everything we brought. See you next year.

Brian Weis talks about head injuries, hockey and skating in the D

Brian Weis sets a standard for up-and-coming rollerbladers. Although he may be a new name to some, he has been straight ripping well over a decade. Detroit's finest brought the best out of a young Brian Weis. Nowadays he's a hardworking, beer drinking, dog discipling, pool shooting, shit talking, college graduate that faithfully keeps shredding number one. Fresh off of the injured reserve list, Brian is rested and ready to blade.