One Minute, One Spot: Marcin Kopiec

Marcin is a perfect example of rolling evolution. Together with a constant changing of his nickname caused by various stories involving his person or notoriously changing jobs Marcin evolved from youngster in sweatpants and way too big TRS`es to one of the most active blader in Poland.

Competition Report: Street Fest Szczecin 2013

Street Fest is the first huge rollerblading competition in Szczecin and in the West Pomeranian region. During these three days in August Szczecin turned into a rollerblading capital. From 8 th to 10 th of August riders were skating on various urban spots.

Competition Report: Baltic Games 2012

Baltic Games – the fifth edition of the biggest extreme sports festival in Poland. It is a huge venture with a gigantic skatepark on an international level, plenty of invited guests, and bunch of different attractions for visitors. At the same time it is another great opportunity to show blading to outsiders in a good light. What can be said about the BG 2012?

Chosen Few Comp Rankings before the Final Event on September 3rd in Los Angeles

The Chosen Few Finals have arrived once again and I can say without a doubt it is going to be an epic competition. Skaters all over the world have competed this year at ACF competitions. Every competition has determined the top 10 skaters and they have all earned points. We have organized 9 competitions with local organizers and included another 3 competitions to the series as well. Find all standings here and find out who might compete in the finals on September 3rd in Los Angeles!

East Side Jam 2011 Report + Official Edit

Lublin is a moderate-sized city in eastern Poland, a place you probably never heard of. But last week something notable happened. Yet another great get-together for Polish rollerbladers, the fourth edition of our annual competition called East Side Jam.

Infernal Photo Contest Winners

The Infernal photo contest is over and the Infernal crew would like to thank each participant because of sending their amazing pictures. Here the...