Winterclash 2012 through the Eyes of Mark Heuss and his Lomokino

Filming a big blade competition like Winterclash is always a challenge and not much fun – from the videographers point of view. Don't get me wrong, Winterclash is one of the funnest events to go to. It's just not the most rewarding job to document it. So instead of trying to run around the park with a fisheye-DSLR all day to miss most of the tricks and fight for medium-to-ok positions with all the other guys, I decided to try out the Lomokino. Somewhere in this article you might find the outcome of this first attempt.

People at Winterclash 2011 by Mark Heuss

All of these faces have been filmed at Winterclash in February 2011. These times, it was a less personal and more or less wider approach on who to film. Some friends, some strangers, some blading stars, some of my teenage heroes and some others. -Mark Heuss

Mark Heuss 2010 Edit

This is the the 2010 edit of Mark Heuss. He’s responsible for the media department at The Conference’s headquarters in Bayreuth, Germany and currently working on some neat little things you’ll be able to check out soon. Always good to see the people behind the scenes shredding. Filmed by Alexander Rudolf.

PARTY – Montage by Mark Heuss

Mark Heuss releases the sections from his film, PARTY, bit by bit. Now he also uploaded the montage-section of the PARTY film. Through watching...

Kenneth Dedeu Kizer Level 2 Edit

Kenneth Dedeu is responsible of the visual representation of USD, UC, Kizer and Ennui at The Conference. This is him shredding Barcelona on his Kizer Level 2 frames. Filmed and edited by Mark Heuss.

Jordi Mestre 2012 Edit for Xsjado

Antoni Salom, Steven Kielhorn, Carles Moll, Alberto Campo, Carlos Baillargeon, Guille Fernandez, Mark Heuss & Mr. Tripod helped Jordi Mestre from Spain to produce this edit for Xsjado. Filmed in sunny Barcelona and Mallorca.

Patrick Ridder Flick by Peter Bender

New edit of Patrick Ridder just popped up and it's a good one! Filmed and edited by Peter Bender. Additional filming by Martin Hirby, Mark Heuss, Andre Lepszy, Dominik Stransky, and Sandro Grünheid.

CTV – Conference Killers at A Chosen Few – Stuttgart 2011

See what some of the Conference riders did at the ACF street contest in Stuttgart, Germany. Featuring: Chris Hack, Eugen Enin, Andreas Wagenblast, Daniel Gourski, Cyril Daniel, Lucas Landthaler and Daniel Prell. Filmed by: Mark Heuss, Daniel Prell, Christian Rumpf, Sebastian Hofer and Nikita Anders.

Jens Küfner 2010 Edit

Besides being busy with university exams, Jens came up with this pretty decent edit for 2010. Check him out, you'll love his style. Filmed by Mark Heuss, Alex Rudolf, Chris Hack and Marian Sorge.

CTV – A trip to Switzerland

Everytime you see "Mark Heuss" in the credits of an edit, you can be sure this edit will be epic. So is this one featuring a bunch of great skaters: JC Rowe, Nicolas Schopfer, Marian Sorge, Roman Abrate, Diego Guilloud, Oli Benet, Jack Neveu and Philipp Preuss. Guest appearances by Adam Kola, James Sharp and Mark Heuss.