Mateusz Kowalski: Hivelife Meeting Promo

The Hive have released a promotional edit featuring owner and team rider Mateusz Kowalski skating in Kraków, Poland. The black-and-white edit shows a chilled session at an outdoor skatepark in the city. The video was filmed and edited by Majuvideo.

One Minute, One Spot with Mateusz Kowalski

I went out to take some clips with my homies yet the spot was a bust, we were kicked out 10 minutes after we got there, we didn`t have any more plans. Then I though about the new local skateboarding spot, where usually rollerbladers are not easily let in... we were close to it so we thought we may give it shot. Surprisngly the spot was empty so we could skate it without any problems, the ledge is a little harsh however we had really fun session, check the clip to see what I`m talking about!

The Hive 2 – Full DVD online!

Check out The Hive 2! This hammer packed DVD can now be watched online! Krzysztof Dziuba really knocked things up a notch with this release. Teaming up with co-director Mateusz Kowalski he created yet another amazing video! Check out the intro here and use the link posted below to get to their vimeo channel!

Photographer Profile: Piotr Glodzik

At Be-Mag, we like a good photo. But who are the guys that put in the work to bring you the the hottest images from the skating world? With our 'Photographer Profiles' we want to shed light on those people. In this article, Piotr Glodzik talks about how he started taking pictures, where his hobby has taken him so far and so on. Of course, he also shares with us some of his best images.