Out of line: Mathias Silhan teaser

Mathias Silhan filmed an edit in Portugal to promote his new skate from Razors. Take a look at the teaser and watch out for the full video here on Be-Mag.com next summer!

Razors UK on the Mathias Silhan Pro Model Skate

Jamie Stenner once again coming through with an excellent promo for his boot sponsor's latest product, the Razors Mathias Silhan pro skate. Only difference this time: He's supported by his team mates Alex Burston, Scott Quinn, Chaz Sands, and Andy Spary to show off the boot!

Razors Mathias Silhan SL Skate Release Edit

The new Mathias Silhan Razors SL skate is available worldwide! Check this promo edit by Salim Sikha, Guillaume Latchimy, Matthieu Heinemann, Patrick Ridder, Laurent Muller, Spacymen Andy and Thomas Knoll.

Mathias Silhan receives Razors SL Pro Skate

France is one of the leading markets for Rolling and home to some of the best skaters and most amazing skate spots in the world. We were surprised to learn that no French skater ever received a pro skate from any company. Razors is proud to change this and pay respect where respect is due. And probably no one deserves it more than a skater who's been skating strong for over 15 years, has been admired for his flawless style and did more for the community than many other pro skaters by opening his own distribution company and organizing world class events and tours: Mathias Silhan

Mathias Silhan – BHC Wheel Promo Edit

Enjoy this amazing edit of Mathias Silhan skating the Hagenau Bowl on his new BHC pro wheel! There´s no doubt these wheels work great for Mr. Silhan! So maybe you should give them a try? Go to www.bhcwheels.com for more information or check out the new bhc line at your local skateshop!

GitanKlan Tour: Testimony by Mathias Silhan and Jon Matter

Mathias Silhan & Jon Matter were in Zurich for a day. An occasion for 21Lifestyles to learn a little more about their mindset and the driving force behind these two friends hailing from Strasbourg (France). Involved with the scene for a long time now, they told us about their personal experiences, talked about their vision for streetskating, as well as their future involvement with the GTK Tour 2011

Filthy Hooligans – Mathias Silhan

Next section of 2009 BHC team video online. This time it's Mathias Silhan tearing up the streets of Strasbourg. Watch only if you have time to go for a session afterwards. Because this is what you want to do after finishing this section.