Exclusive Roskilde 2010 Documentary by Mathias von Gostomski

Like every year, Be-Mag will report live from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. One of the most special festivals in the World will open its doors on Saturday night and next to happy vibes, beautiful people, great music and tons of stuff to do, there will also be some shows to present Inline to a wider public.

Mini Blade Flick 2012 by Mathias v. Gostomski feat. Eisler, Lomax, Wagner & Werbeski

I fimed for quite a few edits in the past year, but never got around to make a single one of them, mostly due to lack of time. So I gave the footage away, some of you may know how persistent people can be about receiving their clips. I still wanted to do something with the footage in the end, so here ist is, my mini-blade-flick 2012. Some of the stuff in here has been in edits all year around, except for the Portugal footage. Thanks to everyone for the fun times. -Mathias von Gostomski