Maxime Genoud 2012 Edit for Rollerblade

Maxime is the Amateur winner of the Winterclash in 2012. Maxime lives in the skating mecca Lausanne, Switzerland and is proud organizer of the Lausanne Street Bowl Contest that started 2008. This year he turns 19 and he is realizing life has much to offer. -Rollerblade

Urban Kreation: Maxime Genoud

Urban Kreation team rider, Maxime Genoud, is out parading around in the company's fresh new jeans. Reinforced with kevlar and made to feel extra stretchy, these threads are the real deal. Word is, they were designed by Leonardo Da Vinci to get that perfect blend of style and steez. I guess you'll have to check out a pair to see for yourself. As for Maxime, you an I both know that he'll put on anything and rip the street up real nice.

Maxime Genoud: Build It, Blade It!

How could I begin? First of all, I hate to write so I’ll make this fairly brief here: When I’ve heard about the project "Buildt It, Blade It!", I immediately thought about something that could be used in different ways. So I went to a pub with a friend and we began to think about what could be the best way to contribute. After a couple of beers I got this idea: two short boxes and a small part that you could put under it to have some kind of triangle box, or a jump ramp or whatever.