Up and comers: Eric Michael

You wonder who the heck is Eric Michael? But you probably remember the guy doing that desaster true top-porn at this year's SDSF Open? And yeah that's Eric Michael. For most of the people this Florida resident came out of nothing. That's just one reason to catch up with Eric.

Rollerwarehouse 4th of July edit

Our friends over at Rollerwarehouse seem to have a good time with fireworks and skate parks, especially on Independence Day in the United States. Take a quick look at their short edit featuring the skating of Jeff Jackson, Ben White, Danny Malm, Michael Braud and Sean Keane. Filmed by Jeremy Raff and Dave Hirt.

DONT MATTA! by Seth Lloyd

We've been saving footage for over a year and a half now and I haven't put out much besides contest edits in 2 years. Everyone wanted me to make something more recent of us, so I put out footage we all got in the past couple of weeks. look out for all the better things from everyone in this and more in our video DONT MATTA! featuring skating on Adam Ehalt, Brad Hughes, Michael Braud, Seth Lloyd, Phillip Deal, Daniel Henderson, and the rest of the entire south! -Seth Lloyd

Shima Skate Manufacturing Montage #2

The second SSM Montage is here! Check out the blading of Brian Weis, Miguel Ramos, Maik Lojewski, Adria Saa, Xathen Stewart, Jeremy Spira, Michael Braud, Leon Humphries, Matty Schrock, Brian Shima, Montre Livingston, Joey Chase, Marc Moreno and Nicky Adams!

KY Battle 2011 edit

Hawke Trackler was again the first to release the edit. View Michael Braud, Garret Mitschelen, Daniel Powell, Mark Wojda and many more shredding it up hard.

Chosen Few Comps 2011: Curtains up for the Top 3

The #1 gratification for doing these street comps is recognizing the great talent the rollerblading world has to offer. Achosen-Few likes to personally recognize the talents of each of the top 3 competitors from all the Chosen Few competitions this year. If you or your friend finished top 3 at any ACF comp expect to see his name in this article. Curtains up for Tyler Hester, Anthony Luna, Russell Day, Cyril Daniel, Daniel Henderson, Lucas Landthaler, Arsenio Patterson, Mark Wojda, Shane Thompson, Eugen Enin, Beat Schillmeier, Iain McLeod, Alex Burston, Michael Braud, Dylan Hopp, Bartek Zgrzeblak, Jon Erickson, Chris Murphy, Jose Henriquez, Dan Mclaren, Robin Weber, Russell Dineen, Tom Burch, Jon Fromm, Bartek Kasprzycki, Pat Curran, Blake Taylor, Cameron Card, Elliot Stevens, Danny Figgz and Stephane DeFreitas.

Hohohoes Contest: Full Report + Pics

HoHoHoes is the diamond in the rough of American skate contests. The exclusivity brought in professional skaters like Mark Wodja, Michael Braud, Dre Powell and Montre Livingston to name a few. There were southern legends who have not attended an event in years, like Josh Amacher, Garret Slobey etc. Large groups of skaters from 8+ states flew or drove to Atlanta in order to be in attendance... Click on the article to view all the pics and to find out more about what was going in Atlanta!

Balance Online Magazine #6

One year anniversary, 86 page issue featuring: Louie Zamora, Michael Braud, ROC City, Infernal Clothing, Blake Taylor and much, much more!