Mike Johnson: Back on the Razors team

As we have heard Mike "Murda" Johnson is back on Razors skates and is currently repping the brand new Dre2-skates. unfortunately, we don't have new footage yet, but Sean Kelso posted up some old clips. Check it out.

Mike “Murda” Johnson just quit skating…

... professionally. Yes, you got it right, Mike recently decided to relinquish all of his sponsors in order to focus on his career as a 3D artist and start to skate for the fun of it again. Head over to our msgboard to find out more.

30 Minutes at Long Beach with E-Rod, Rachard Johnson, Tim Franken and Geof Leyva

Waking up after a Thursday night in San Diego is tough to do but Mikey Roman, Tim Franken and I hopped onto “The Beast” early Friday morning and headed to Long Beach. We were on our way to the A Chosen-Few Finals in Los Angeles, which was scheduled for Saturday. So we decided to swag out early and head to Long Beach for the day to meet up with Erick Rodriguez and skate some local spots.

Street Artist Interview With Adam Johnson

Street Artist has become a force to be reckoned with since they popped onto the scene not too long ago. Be-Mag's Michael Bayr caught up with Adam Johnson to get the scoop on Street Artists' history and where they're headed.

Bladergang 2013 Edit by 9to5Mixtapes

A new #bladergang edit just appeared, featuring Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Korey Waikiki, Mike Johnson, Erick Rodriguez, Franky Morales, Montre Livingston, Ranier Piramide, Chris Haffey, Ryan Many, Coco Sanchez, Rachard Johnson, Brian Aragon, and Geof Leyva.

Razors Team Video ‘Closer’ by Beau Cottington (2003)

Beau Cottington is slowly uploading all his gems. Peep Razors' 2003 team video 'Closer' featuring Dre Powell, Micah Yeager, Robert Lievanos, Omar Wysong, Brian Shima, Jeff Stockwell, Dominik Wagner, Ben Harmanus, Sam Davis, Leon Humphries, Eric Perkett, Mike Albritton, Sandro Brun, Jona Messerli, Mike Johnson, Jon Elliott and more.