Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan & Venice – Photos by Jean Christophe Baller

It's about 7am and we are on the outskirts of Milan in Italy, searching for the hotel which will serve as housing for the next 3 days. Warren Digne, the conductor of the tour took care of booking it and it is the honeyed voice of our GPS which took us right to its front door. After a short tour at the reception, surprise, we will not be in the space provided, but in apartments a few steps away.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Milan – Photos by Pietro Firrincieli

Last week my friend Jason Adriani called me saying that he got a message from Adrien Anne who told him that he will be in Milan with the Nomades Tour during the week end. I thought that I should take this chance to have a good session and to take pictures for my website, so I packed up my skates and my camera and took a train to Milan on Thursday.

Up and Comers: Gabriel Adriani

Watching my brothers growing up is one of the best things in my life and watching the flame of passion burn inside them is even better. It's wonderful to see how happy my brother Peter is when he plays football as watching my younger brother Gabriel lacing a trick. It feels like I'm playing football or making that trick in that moment. They are a part of me. Gabriel is one of the bladers who inspired my view of the game and of course one of my favourite bladers. Today I'm really proud to introduce him here on his first interview on Hope you guys will meet him soon, he has the power to juice you up easy and makes you laugh more then ever!!

In Depth: Daniel Prell

Daniel Prell - what to say about him? Well, everybody knows his passion for droprails, best with a shitty runway and landing. But do you know Daniel without his skates on? Ok, that doesn’t happen that often as he shreds his local rails in nearly every weather condition and with whatever injury he has.

Photographer Profile: Pietro Firrincieli

Everybody likes a good skating picture, but the person taking it usually remains unknown. With our 'Photographer Profiles' we decided to change that and shed some light on the people behind the camera. Pietro Firrincieli is a dedicated rollerblader from Italy who's been documenting his scene for years. Read on about his love for black and white, Blade Diary, getting hit by a truck and check out some of his favourite pictures along the way!

Blading’s News Flash

News Flash USA Don Bambrick is off USD. We don’t know much more about this yet but will keep you updated. As most of you already know, Franky...

Nicola Fiorenza: One Minute One Spot

The first thing you have to know about Nicola is that in Italy he is known as "Nico er fico" which means "Nico the cool". This Johnny Bravo look-alike street machine is killing it since day one. The first time I talked to him was a street contest in Milan ten years ago that ended with Nico doing a 360 soul on an elbow high hand rail that resulted in him winning the contest and somebody else quitting blading. Ten years later Nico just got married and is a proud father of the two-year-old cute girl Giorgia. But if you think this makes him slow down his blading, I also need to let you know that he also just became Italian Champion of 2011. It is a great pleasure for me to introduce my friend Nicola Fiorenza and his "fuck-off attitude". Enjoy the edit!