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Mind The Gap Amsterdam 2016

In just ten days, Amsterdam will host a whole series of events, and with the Urban Sports Week, you can be sure there is a whole lot of blading on...

Mind The Gap retrospective

Sven Boekhorst made a bold move back in 2007 when he organized the first Mind The Gap. His new contest featured only a couple of ramps and one big gap, but it turned out to be a success. Skaters loved getting airborne and big crowds witnessed some great blading. Five years later the flying Dutchman and his friends have cruised countless miles around Europe with their ramps in tow. Sven has no intention of stopping any time soon, but he did take some time off his busy schedule to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his brainchild with us.

Mind the Gap Rollerblade Contest in Eindhoven, Netherlands

The third stop of the Mind the Gap Tour by SB Events, takes place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. You can attend this contest on May 25th and will take place at E-Move Eindhoven. After the Eindhoven event, Mind the Gap will continue to tour to 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, and Zug, Switzerland.

Mind the Gap Rollerblade Contest in Rennes, France

Mind the Gap is on its second stop of the 2012 tour. This time the Mind the Gap contest will take place in Rennes, France on May 12th and 13th. After this event during the Rennes sur Roulettes days, the Mind the Gap show will continue a month later in Eindhoven, Netherlands, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and Zug, Switzerland.

Mind the Gap Rollerblade Show in Zurich, Switzerland

On April 14th and 15th the Mind the Gap tour, by SB Events, starts off at the At Move City show in Zurich, Switzerland. Mind the Gap guarantees you a sweet and epic show which you will never forget! The Mind the Gap tour will also take place in Rennes, France, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 's Hertogenbosch Netherlands, and Zug, Switzerland.

Mind the Gap in Warsaw Poland Edit

Wether you are down with more Exposure for our sport or not, Mind the gap definitely exposes Rolling to many people that might have never known! Easily set up and always spectacular this format pushes the boundaries of Rolling today. Check out this quality edit by Maciej Tomków and watch out for a boundary pushing Bio/Misty 900!

Mind the Gap in Zurich, Switzerland

Claudio Antonelli covered the Mind the Gap Zurich stop for RollingrockTV. Watch David Sizemore, Jan Nachbur, Maxime Genoud, Adrian Deck and more while they're minding the gap.

Mind the Gap 2011 in Zurich

Mind the Gap goes Switzerland. Sven Boekhorst's event series just had this year's first stop. As usual this event attracted a lot of spectators.

Mind the Gap in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland

Mind the Gap 2011 will collaborate with the HipHop Festival in the centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch on June 25th this year. In 2009 and 2010 they had a great collaboration and they expect this year to be even better! Expect the most uplifting acts and beats between the MTG-Competition. The mix of the festival and Mind the Gap is perfect, last year the scene was filled with energy from the crowd and skaters!

Re: Mind the Gap 2010

The Mind the Gap finals 2010 had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions. But Mind the Gap wouldn't be an extraordinary contest format if there wouldn't be a back-up plan. Plan your trip for the Re: Mind the Gap 2010. Read on!