Cameron Talbott June Weekend Clips by Brian Sorg

Yet another trip to Missoula, Montana to hang with the best dudes I know. Cameron bruised his heel like crazy filming for this edit, and still managed to pull out clips after the incident before being unable to put pressure on it. This is what we got in less than 24 hours. -Brian Sorg

Cameron Talbott’s ‘Home, sweet Home!’ Edit by Brian Sorg

After living a gypsy lifestyle, I finally have returned back home to Montana, my home! My first weekend home my good friend Brian Sorg and I put together this little edit that I hope you will enjoy. Brandon Mateer also added some kind words to this piece that he felt were necessary. After traveling to the other side of the world and back with many other stops back home in the states it's the greatest feeling to be back to Montana!

Cameron Talbott volunteering in Belize

Hey, my name is Cameron Talbott, I am from Missoula, Montana and I ride for Valo and Aggressive Mall. Recently I took a trip to a small village in Belize, where I did some volunteer work for a place called Liberty Children's Home. Prior to leaving I contacted my friend Justin from Amall to see if he would be in to sending some stuff down for the kids. Even though my trip had nothing to do with skating, Justin was more than willing to send me down we some things to help contribute.

Three lines with Cameron Talbott

You may have seen the "One Minute, One Spot"-series on be-mag. Today we are launching an additional edit series, entitled the "Three lines"-series. In each edit from this series you will see one skater doing three different lines at either one spot or at three different spots. There is no restriction in terms of the time and in terms of your creativity. Skaters from all over the world are already working on their "Three lines" edits. Cameron Talbott has been the first to finish his edit. Check it out and if you like this new series and want to contribute your own edit, feel free to drop us a line here.