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NL Contest 2016

Our friends over at Nouvelle Ligne Association are bringing the NL Contest back to Strasbourg this year again, and it already seems like the 2016...
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NL Contest 2015

This year again, the city of Strasbourg will be hosting the successful NL Contest, which has been gathering riders from all over the world and...

Competition Report: NL Contest in Strasbourg, France

It's been a little while now, since the seventh edition of the NL Contest took place in the lovely city of Strasbourg. But trying to reminisce everything that went down on this great week-end isn't the hardest part about doing this write-up for Be-Mag. See, I sure remember a few tricks that went down, some mind-blowing stuff even, but you've already seen them all in the various edits that showed up online afterward. That's what the Internet is great for, watching a contest that just took place on the other side of the planet, in a matter of just a few hours. Reading about it, on the other hand...

NL Contest edit by

Check out this great edit by covering pretty much every aspect of the NL Contest! has made an effort to feature every action sport with an equal amount of dedication. And they did a pretty good job! This edit was made for a general audience so try to overlook the kind of EXTREME edge to it! Coming form a non-rolling background this turned out really well! Also go to for more footage and information! Enjoy!