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New York Skate Series 2016 #1

The 1st competition of the New York Skate Series 2016 summer season is coming up this weekend, and it makes no doubt this will be another great event...
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New York Skate Series #2

For the second event of their summer New York Skate Series of street contests, the great people over at Iroll Ny are inviting everyone to join the...
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New York Skate Series #1

New York bladers prove once again how healthy their scene is by launching their New York Skates Series, which will feature three street contests...


The first competition of the 2019 New York season will take place on Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at LES Skatepark in Manhattan, New...

Blading’s News Flash

News Flash USA Don Bambrick is off USD. We don’t know much more about this yet but will keep you updated. As most of you already know, Franky...

New York City Street Invitational

The stage has been set, the prizes are admirable, and the battlegrounds are legit. This comp is every bit as real as those coming from the heart of the skate scene in the 90s. The only difference? Legalities will not been interfering and you will not be riding without an invite from the host himself, long-time local resident and pro rider, Billy O’Neill.

March Madness at Shields Skatepark

Over the past couple of years, the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) has lost too many indoor skate parks to count. From Hackettstown in New Jersey to the infamous Academy Skate Park in Connecticut; we have lost too many indoor parks due to lack of funding and support. We have endorsed endless hours of blading and hard earned cash to spend late sunday nights lacing tricks.  Kids grow up in these parks and inevitably they have to watch the place they were raised in get torn down to the ground.