Nicola Fiorenza: One Minute One Spot

The first thing you have to know about Nicola is that in Italy he is known as "Nico er fico" which means "Nico the cool". This Johnny Bravo look-alike street machine is killing it since day one. The first time I talked to him was a street contest in Milan ten years ago that ended with Nico doing a 360 soul on an elbow high hand rail that resulted in him winning the contest and somebody else quitting blading. Ten years later Nico just got married and is a proud father of the two-year-old cute girl Giorgia. But if you think this makes him slow down his blading, I also need to let you know that he also just became Italian Champion of 2011. It is a great pleasure for me to introduce my friend Nicola Fiorenza and his "fuck-off attitude". Enjoy the edit!

Competition Report: IBC Osimo, Italy

Osimo is a small village of Ancona wich is a nice city on the Adriatic sea is in the center of Italy on the east side and is half an hour far from Nicola Fiorenza's home. Nico use to organize two jam at year, one in the winter and one in the summer, the Nicola Fiorenza' s blading jam summer edition is part of the Italian Blading Connection (IBC) wich is the Italian Championship.

Competition Report: Italian Bladers Connection Finals 2011

The “Italian Bladers Connection” was founded in the early winter months of 2011. When a group of friends was on their way to Winterclash, they figured out they had to do something about the small, but rather strong scene from Italy. They decided to put all Italian blader contests and events under the same banner. Lucas Brandi, Jason Adriani, Nicola Fiorenza, Pietro Firrincieli and Marco Valera shared their ideas which led to the creation of a layout for the championships, which turned out to be a great success.
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Trick Track Contest

Our Italian brothers down in Naples are putting together what should be a banger event: the Trick Track contest will take place on June 20th, and...

Photographer Profile: Pietro Firrincieli

Everybody likes a good skating picture, but the person taking it usually remains unknown. With our 'Photographer Profiles' we decided to change that and shed some light on the people behind the camera. Pietro Firrincieli is a dedicated rollerblader from Italy who's been documenting his scene for years. Read on about his love for black and white, Blade Diary, getting hit by a truck and check out some of his favourite pictures along the way!

Competition Report: WRS Sicily Street Competition

On Saturday June 2nd the Italian Blader Connection and the World Rolling Series held the Sicily Street Competition in Paterno, which is a small village near Catania, Italy. I arrived in Catania by taking a bus, then a ship, and then another bus from Rome. When I arrived there that morning, I ran into a little problem; there was no way to get to Paterno! No buses or trains went there on the weekend so I asked a taxi driver how much it would cost to get there. He told me 50€ but since the normal bus and train fares were 2,70€ I decided I would try to find another way.

Json Adriani: One Minute One Spot

I've known Json for a decade now and the first word that comes to mind when thinking about him is 'dedication'. And the second one is 'leader', no doubt. During the past years Jason used to skate no-fun-at-all-super-high-dead-drop-rails on a daily basis with a to-do list of tricks to improve his skills. This meant that he was skating alone most of the time because nobody in his city and just a few in Italy would be able to skate the same spots. Today, Json has grown to the best all around blader that Italy has to offer and his attitude makes him a role model for the young and a great asset to the Italian scene. He is always the first to put his blades on and the last to put them off. His dedication is contagious.

Skipass 2012 Photo-Set by Pietro Firrincieli

Skipass is the oldest contest still alive in Italy. It's a five days fair for winter sport with blading, skateboarding, ski and snowboard contests and Moto-X demos with thousands of visitors. Their main sponsor is Nissan. This year, the park was built by Vans and was not too street-like with not many lines, a bank to 3 different ledges, a manual pad with a curb in the middle and a couple ledges. At first the bladders were disappointed by the small size of this "fingerboard park". But in the end everybody had fun enjoying this indoor street session.