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Three lines with Nils Jansons

I will be just repeating myself by writing that this youngster has mad skills, raw talent and an awesome brother who is a professional video editor which as we all know is crucial to get some good recognition. Yet even the best conditions for developing a rollerblading 'career' are nothing without your own will and love for the sport. Nils has both, there is no doubt about it. While I have to remind some of our team riders to send some clips or photos from time to time, Nils is bombing my e-mail box constantly with new stuff by himself. I'm sure he would be ripping with the same level even if he wouldn't have any sponsors or outside support. During tours Nils is always skating no matter what – bad spots, good spots, skate alone or with a large group of people – no problem with that. As he has just matured, a true rollerblader soul is fully awaken – skate hard and party even harder! I'm sure he is the right man in the right place - Nils Jansons is 18. Nils Jansons is in constant progress. Nils Jansons is the future... ... Read More...