Arcena Shop Tour 2011 @ Nomades Skateshop

Our french friends are always good for some quality rollerblading. This sweet edit on the Arcena Shop Tour is brought to you by Sessions Inline FreshZine! Be sure to visit them on vimeo for more great footage featuring some of the best french riders out there! Nomades Skateshop in Paris is only their first stop so there´s lots to look forward to!

Nomades Tour 2010

The whole team of Nomades and his team are pleased to announce the first tour in their history! Over the period of 12 days they will be roadtripping...

Nomades Tour 2012 #3: Shredding Geneva

After suffering the assaults of unfavorable weather on the first 2 stops of the tour, we were hoping to find some good weather down south. It's June 20 and we spent the day on the road again. Torrential rain and weariness does not facilitate the task of our driver, Yannick. He must guide our small group safely to Annecy...

Nomades Tour 2012 Video Coverage

At Be-Mag we are very grateful for the support Nomades Shop provides for both our print and online publications. That's why we have decided to not only bring you updates of the tour in our articles section, but also put up a post in the news where you can find all videos the guys are producing. This also makes sense because they're doing an exceptional job at that and we believe this needs to be seen. Thanks to Nomades for the support!

Nomades Tour 2012 Update #2: Blading Cologne

Once again under gray skies we left the English capital towards Dover in order to board the ferry which would take us back to the mainland. The ride was rather good; we played games and we talked about everything and nothing, laughing all the way. After crossing 5 countries and spending approximately 10 hours on the water and the road, we arrived in Germany. Cologne was the second stop of this tour, a destination that also included only one day of skating so we had to be productive.