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Oakland Blade Jam 2015

This next weekend is packed with events taking place all over the planet, but if you are anywhere near Oakland, California, then you know this is...

Oakland Blade Jam

The second annual Oakland Bladejam is going down this weekend. If youre anywhere close you should defintely get yourself over there. Flyer for...

Gore, Satan, Metal, & Blading: The John Bolino Interview

John Bolino is a nutty fucker. If you’ve seen his sections, you know that by his skating and his b-roll footage. This 21-year-old Atlantic City, N.J. native who came up in Philadelphia makes an impact anywhere he goes. Most of the time he doesn’t even need to put on his skates to do it. John answered some of my bullshit questions earlier this week at the Shredweiser house and he gave his insight on his mixed feelings about living in Oakland, selling weed for a living, and the potential for violence should Shredweiser ever play a show. Oh yeah, and his new pro skate from SSM. To set up the interview, I was at the Shredweiser house on a Monday night. We finished our second 18 pack of Bud, the guys were done playing metal upstairs, and Austin Barrett was tattooing my buddy, Tyler Noland, in Chris Daffick’s bedroom. John finished making scrambled eggs at 10 p.m. He had put in a VHS movie and was talking it up.

Jeremy Spira Interview + Exclusive Edit

Since we've known Spira, we have watched him evolve as a person. I first met him in Texas at the Hoedown, we were instantly drawn to his style and the way he carried himself. We wanted him to ride for Revolution. Next, we had our first Rev. Alaska trip, Spira was borderline out of control crazy. Our final night in AK, Nick Wood had Spira in a headlock on the way home from the bar trying to keep him under control. When you have someone like Nick acting as the moderator, you know the situation is wild. Then, he met his wife Sessy. She was the best thing to happen to him. She got his life back on track, and he regained his focus to follow his passion to skate again. Then, he and Sessy had their lovely baby Arden. Spira learned what is most important in life, and his priorities changed. Now, he is balanced. He has Arden, his wife Sessy, and skating. Everyday he tries to be the best father, husband, and skater he can be. That is all that matters.