James Short Memorial Session 2012 in New Philadelphia, USA

This years session in memory of James Short will take place in New Philadelphia, Ohio on the 25th of August. Your best tricks, best toe rolls and best cess slides will be judged by none other than Louie Zamora this year. These JSMS always look like a great time so make sure you get in the car/train/plane at the end of August and head to New Phila to take part in the event!

James Short Memorial Session 2011 in New Philadelphia, USA

It is Saturday August 27th in New Philadelphia, Ohio at our local skatepark that James loved so much. James devoted most of his life to blading and the blading community. In August of 2009, at age 24, James was hit and killed by a drunk driver while he was on his motorcycle. James had friends all over the U.S. and was always promoting skating everywhere he traveled.